The five best places to find a partner on the Internet

Currently, many people have a profile on a dating site. And it makes sense: individuals spend most of the day “glued” to their phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. So why not tempt love through these devices too?

Registering on a dating page is not a sign of surrender, nor is admitting that you can not find a partner without help. These sites can alleviate many concerns of romantic life or situations that exist in an exit in a traditional way, said in an interview with Infobae, the psychologist Adriana Guraieb.

“The biggest worry at the time of dating is whether we will like or be rejected,” explained the specialist. “An advantage is having a first impression – if each one is sincere – of liking, satisfaction or disenchantment, which disposes or not to the encounter.” Therefore, more and more people are inclined to have a previous contact on the Internet ”

The five best places to find a partner on the Internet

Guraieb added that the use of a website to find a partner allows the person to get in touch with many others, unlike what would happen if each appointment were in person. “We live in a time where loneliness, especially in big cities, and alienation at work make face-to-face contact difficult,” he said. “The Internet is a bridge that, if it is well used, can accompany and allow a prior knowledge of the presence that calms and attenuates the typical anxieties of the first encounter”.

The difficult thing is to choose the site that reflects the individual desires of each person. Here are five sites to find a partner on the Internet, with their specifications and usage details:

1) Loventine: the goal of the Loventine site is that the experience of “finding a partner, love and friendship is as pleasant, fun and successful as possible”. A user can specialize their search by location, culture, goal – friendship or adventure – and complete their profile in several languages. Loventine values security on the Internet, and therefore offers the option of choosing which profile details to show and to which users, and you can also choose who can contact you. Additionally, if you do not have much time to devote to the search, you should only complete a section about what you want in your ideal partner and Loventine will automatically find someone. Using it is completely free, without additional payment services, a unique feature in the world of dating sites.

2) Badoo: the site indicates that it has almost 6.5 million users in Argentina. The most notable component of the site is the “Encuentros”, a search method where Badoo shows the user photos of people who have listed interests in common with him. You just have to delineate the search criteria and then decide who you want to know among the images that are shown to you. In addition, you can know which members liked the own photos in the menu “They want to know you” and also with what there is a common interest in “Mutual attractions”. Start at Badoo is free, and the website offers the opportunity to create a profile, add photos, find people in your area and chat with 10 new users every day. In the case of wanting to acquire extra accessories, you have to use payment services.

3) Match: founded in 1995, is perhaps the most famous dating site and has a portal specifically for Argentina. There are more than 60 million users in Latin America, and you can search among them using the name of the city where the person wants to find a partner: for example, for single men in Buenos Aires or divorced women in Mendoza. In Match, one can include a face photo and another 25 in an album. Also, you can chat with more than one person at a time, in a completely secure way. There are three levels of users in Match – Basic, Gold and Platinum – who can customize their experience according to their wishes. Registering with the Basic plan is free, but to upgrade to Gold or Platinum you have to pay.if you looking for free version chat room you can visit chat4smile -Pakistani chat room that 100% free and without registration.

4) Zonacitas: this portal focuses on helping its members find a partner based on their location or in their social community. In the specific site for Argentina, a user can choose to search by province or city, and can indicate if he wants to find a partner, alone and alone, appointments or meetings or if he simply wants to meet new people. Zonacitas separates its clients between Common Users -which can send “winks” without limit but only a free message to each member- and Subscribed Users, who have to pay but can send and reply to all their messages and use the “Chat” accessory Without restrictions.

5) Amigos: the site is advertised as “the latest in Latin relations” and reports that it has almost 324,000 users in Argentina alone. To begin with, the person has to indicate their sex, the gender of the couple they are looking for and a preferred age range. Afterwards, you can choose your country and a local region to reduce the results. Friends says that its purpose is to help people meet new people, both for friendship and romance, but offers the option to start chatting with the “Sensual Users”, and there you can customize their use. Being a Standard user is free, and this enables you to chat, send messages and navigate the profiles, but to get more privileges you have to choose a payment affiliation.

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