This Would be the iPhone 8 if We Rely on the Latest Leaks

The iPhone 8, which will not be presented until next September, is still giving a lot to talk about and is that a filtration coming, not from China, has allowed us to see the supposed design that will have the new mobile device Apple. In the image that heads this article you can enjoy it, although we must say that it is no more than a simple render created from various schemes that would come from one of Foxconn factories.

This new filtration has allowed us to see the possible design of the iPhone 8, which is quite different from everything we had seen so far, and surprising by the huge front screen that also occupies the entire front.

And is that to become a reality this design we would find an iPhone with hardly any front frames and with the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen, something that has not yet dared any manufacturer so far.

If we look closely this image, the doubts will start to invade us, and is that for example we can not find the frontal camera anywhere, which we are convinced Apple will not do without. In addition, the strange position of the rear camera draws a lot of attention, which however much we do not want leads us to doubt the veracity of this leak.

Whatever it is, the first details about the design of the iPhone 8 are starting to come to light. Surely in the coming weeks and months we will begin to know more exact details, but the image that we can see today allows us to approach Know how the next iPhone in Cupertino is sure to be already in an advanced state of development.