The five best places to find a partner on the Internet

Currently, many people have a profile on a dating site. And it makes sense: individuals spend most of the day “glued” to their phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. So why not tempt love through these devices too?

Registering on a dating page is not a sign of surrender, nor is admitting that you can not find a partner without help. These sites can alleviate many concerns of romantic life or situations that exist in an exit in a traditional way, said in an interview with Infobae, the psychologist Adriana Guraieb.

“The biggest worry at the time of dating is whether we will like or be rejected,” explained the specialist. “An advantage is having a first impression – if each one is sincere – of liking, satisfaction or disenchantment, which disposes or not to the encounter.” Therefore, more and more people are inclined to have a previous contact on the Internet ”

The five best places to find a partner on the Internet

Guraieb added that the use of a website to find a partner allows the person to get in touch with many others, unlike what would happen if each appointment were in person. “We live in a time where loneliness, especially in big cities, and alienation at work make face-to-face contact difficult,” he said. “The Internet is a bridge that, if it is well used, can accompany and allow a prior knowledge of the presence that calms and attenuates the typical anxieties of the first encounter”.

The difficult thing is to choose the site that reflects the individual desires of each person. Here are five sites to find a partner on the Internet, with their specifications and usage details:

1) Loventine: the goal of the Loventine site is that the experience of “finding a partner, love and friendship is as pleasant, fun and successful as possible”. A user can specialize their search by location, culture, goal – friendship or adventure – and complete their profile in several languages. Loventine values security on the Internet, and therefore offers the option of choosing which profile details to show and to which users, and you can also choose who can contact you. Additionally, if you do not have much time to devote to the search, you should only complete a section about what you want in your ideal partner and Loventine will automatically find someone. Using it is completely free, without additional payment services, a unique feature in the world of dating sites.

2) Badoo: the site indicates that it has almost 6.5 million users in Argentina. The most notable component of the site is the “Encuentros”, a search method where Badoo shows the user photos of people who have listed interests in common with him. You just have to delineate the search criteria and then decide who you want to know among the images that are shown to you. In addition, you can know which members liked the own photos in the menu “They want to know you” and also with what there is a common interest in “Mutual attractions”. Start at Badoo is free, and the website offers the opportunity to create a profile, add photos, find people in your area and chat with 10 new users every day. In the case of wanting to acquire extra accessories, you have to use payment services.

3) Match: founded in 1995, is perhaps the most famous dating site and has a portal specifically for Argentina. There are more than 60 million users in Latin America, and you can search among them using the name of the city where the person wants to find a partner: for example, for single men in Buenos Aires or divorced women in Mendoza. In Match, one can include a face photo and another 25 in an album. Also, you can chat with more than one person at a time, in a completely secure way. There are three levels of users in Match – Basic, Gold and Platinum – who can customize their experience according to their wishes. Registering with the Basic plan is free, but to upgrade to Gold or Platinum you have to pay.if you looking for free version chat room you can visit chat4smile -Pakistani chat room that 100% free and without registration.

4) Zonacitas: this portal focuses on helping its members find a partner based on their location or in their social community. In the specific site for Argentina, a user can choose to search by province or city, and can indicate if he wants to find a partner, alone and alone, appointments or meetings or if he simply wants to meet new people. Zonacitas separates its clients between Common Users -which can send “winks” without limit but only a free message to each member- and Subscribed Users, who have to pay but can send and reply to all their messages and use the “Chat” accessory Without restrictions.

5) Amigos: the site is advertised as “the latest in Latin relations” and reports that it has almost 324,000 users in Argentina alone. To begin with, the person has to indicate their sex, the gender of the couple they are looking for and a preferred age range. Afterwards, you can choose your country and a local region to reduce the results. Friends says that its purpose is to help people meet new people, both for friendship and romance, but offers the option to start chatting with the “Sensual Users”, and there you can customize their use. Being a Standard user is free, and this enables you to chat, send messages and navigate the profiles, but to get more privileges you have to choose a payment affiliation.

Internet Download Manager Download Links 2018

Internet Download Manager is a software that speeds up the speed of a download while stabilizing it when it is segmented. Once installed, it speeds up downloads from servers by requiring up to five connections at a time.

Internet Download Manager

Concurrent with Download Accelerator Plus by its features, Internet Download Manager is the indispensable tool for all download lovers. It includes a tool that captures YouTube’s Flash video, Google Video, and MySpaceTV videos to make video recovery even easier.

Compatible with most browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Opera Internet Download Manager replaces the integrated system with the browser.

Once the download has started, it can be paused to resume later even after restarting the computer. The download being accelerated but not instantaneous, it is possible to perform a preview (preview) of certain types of files. Thus, the user can check the quality of a video or MP3 and the contents of a ZIP file. For convenience, it also supports proxy servers, redirects, cookies and firewalls.

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We all know someone who has an impeccable sense of taste. No matter where they are they are always dressed to the nines and ready to impress anyone they come in contact with. These people contu=inually demand respect through the clothes they wear. No matter what the situation they are always oozing good style, confidence, taste, and business acumen. Seeing their wardrobe can leave you feeling somewhat inferior about yours. You may begin to think it needs to be upgraded. It likely does. Upgrading your wardrobe can be a difficult and expensive undertaking. It can leave even the most experienced shopper wanting to rip their hair out of their heads and scream “how can I upgrade my wardrobe without breaking my budget and dipping into my savings account”. Fret no more! Thankfully this helpful guide will give you some real world tips and tricks to keep your expenses down the next time you go shopping. Consider some of this excellent advice the next time you need to replace your wardrobe.


If you need new clothing your first instinct may be to go out to the nearest , Jc Penny’s, Dillard’s, or Belk. These places are great because they offer a large number of designers in a single location. While they are convenient they often have more expensive garments than their manufacturers do. Consider going directly to the source. The source will routinely have better prices than their other counterparts. Need a new watch? Head on over to fossil, they will routinely have better deals. Need a new pair of shoes? is better than Payless. No matter what you need the source is always better than the retail market.


Consignment shops are often looked down upon but routinely provide huge savings to their customers. Stores like The Snooty Fox and Plato’s Closet are a great place to start. These locations purchase high quality lightly used items from their customers. These items are then sorted and cleaned. The cleaned items are then consolidated and then put into the general stock. This means big savings for customers. People have reported savings of up to 90% when looking for clothing at consignment shops. Why not save hundreds of dollars on items someone else no longer wants? One mans trash is truly another mans treasure. These items are lightly used and have no visible signs of wear. Consider this tip the next time you go shopping. Your wallet and your closet will thank you.

How to Convert DVD or Video in 4K to MP4 Without Losing Quality

In any current home live content streaming and digital video files, with physical formats the almost extinct DVD. Remove that barrier. Here we show you how to convert DVD discs into MP4 files or change the format of 4K or HD video files to MP4.

1: Choose the right tools

The physical DVD media is on the way to extinction. This shows that more and more laptops do not have a drive, and this trend is also spreading to desktop computers or entertainment systems that increasingly opt for streaming alternatives to play video files.

If during these years you have been collecting movies and videos in these formats, you will not want to stop enjoying them because you do not have a suitable player. Before that happens, you can convert your DVD to MP4 for viewing on any computer, smartTV, smartphone or tablet.

To stop this you will need the right tools and both WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe meet all the specs you need. Both are available for Windows and MacOS systems and are pay-per-use applications. However, WinXDVD gives you a pre-launch promotion that you have just released, a free, fully functional and unlimited version of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, As well as a huge discount of 65% when you purchase the lifetime license to upgrade WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. An incredible opportunity to get you with these two tools for a very interesting price.

Download and install the applications on your computer and prepare the DVDs you want to convert to video files.

2: Convert a DVD to video file

The first step will be to convert the DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV or an ISO file with which you can later work from the computer. It starts with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, which allows you to easily and automatically perform this task, thanks to its more than 350 pre-configured profiles to convert to the most common audio and video formats on SmartTV, tablets, smartphones and all kinds of devices.

Insert the disc into the DVD drive of that computer and start WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.

Then click on the Disk icon on the top bar and in the new box that appears, select the disk drive that contains the DVD. After a brief analysis will show all chapters of the disk and asks you which output profile you want to use.

At this point you will have to choose what kind of conversion you want to make. If you simply want to do a quick conversion from DVD to MP4, or you want to clone your DVD to have an exact digital version that you can use from your computer. Here’s how to create any of them.

3: Clone your DVD disc

One of the great virtues of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is that it allows you to create exact copies of your DVD disc in ISO format so that you can mount it on a virtual drive – Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 allow it natively – and View your DVD on your computer as if you had a real disk inserted in the disk drive, except that you probably do not have a disk drive on that computer.

To clone your DVD disc and convert it to an ISO file, click on the DVD Backup option that you will find in the side panel of the output profile box. Then the different ways available to make a backup of your DVD will be shown. The one you are interested in selecting at the moment is the one corresponding to Clone DVD to ISO image file. Click on it to select it and press the button Well.

Then check the Use good quality engine box and specify in the Destination Folder field where the resulting ISO file will be saved. Note that this file will weigh several gigabytes, so make sure you have that space on the selected disk.

When you finish, click on the Run button and start to create the backup of your DVD without loss of image quality that you can use in any of your computers, just double-click on it.

4: Convert the DVD into a video file

Another option when converting your DVDs to video file with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is to do it directly in MP4 format.

To do this you only have to choose the General Profiles option in the side panel of the Output profile box. In this section, you will find various formats. Selects the MP4 Video profile and selects the quality by sliding the switch to AC (High Quality) to improve quality, or to BC (Low Quality) for faster recording. Although it takes a little longer, it is worth choosing the variant with more quality.

When done, click OK, check the Use good quality engine box and specify in the Destination Folder field where the resulting MP4 file will be saved. Click Run and start processing your video.

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5: Convert your video to other formats

Once you have converted your DVD into a video file you can adapt it to any other format so that it adapts to the resolution of the device on which it will be displayed. It will do little to play a 4K resolution video on a device that can not display beyond Full HD (1080p) resolution except for the video file to take up more than it should.

This will be done by WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, the other tool that you have already downloaded and installed on your computer completely free from this special promotion in which you can also get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum with a 65% discount with respect to its Usual price.

Start WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and get ready to convert your video file to other formats and resolutions to adapt it to your device.

The interface is very similar to the one you have already seen in WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, although the specialty of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is totally different since it is specially designed to adapt the resolution of video files to fit the devices or media In which they will be visualized as smartphones, tablets formats with very specific characteristics in terms of resolution and weight of files such as Youtube videos, Facebook.

Click the Video icon in the top bar and choose the video MP4 file you created in the previous step

Then choose the device profile. For example, you can convert the video created from your DVD and convert it to watch it on an iPad. To do this, choose the Apple Device option in the side panel of the Output Profile box and choose iPad Video. Then select your iPad model and hit OK.

If your computer uses an Intel processor or a Nvidia graphics card, you can accelerate video encoding by optimizing WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to take advantage of the extra features that those platforms allow you in video processing. Check the appropriate boxes in the section Hardware Encoder that you will find just below the box of the integrated player of the program.

Do not forget to check the box Use the engine of good quality to encode it as accurately as possible. After that, click Run to start converting your video to iPad.

6: Convert YouTube videos

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe has a really interesting feature that allows you to download and convert videos to MP4 format from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and Vevo.

Doing so is as simple as clicking the URL option in the top bar of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. In the box that appears, paste the URL of the video you want to download and click on Paste & Analyze.

After a few seconds, next to the thumbnail of the video will appear all the file formats and resolutions to which you can convert the selected video. Choose one of them and click on Good.

The video will then move to the WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe workspace. Check the options that allow you to optimize the encoding process, as we showed in the previous step and click on Run to start downloading the YouTube video and converting it to MP4.

In just a few minutes you can enjoy your favorite videos without having to be connected to the Internet.

What is and how to know the authority of an internet domain

What is the authority of a domain?

Authority is a relative term to know the importance of a blog or an internet site that has a domain name of its own.Therefore it is impossible to try to know the one of a blog that uses a free service of WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or other publishing services.

Authority is relative because there is no exact method to know the importance of a domain.

There is no service that can provide this information.Of all the existing services on the internet who can catalog in the most accurate way, this information is the Google search engine due to its constant tracking for its operation.

What is and how to know the authority of an internet domain

Google reserves this information.

In the past, PageRank was used, but over time it has become obsolete and is not currently updated.However, there are alternative services that use their own index to catalog the authority and importance of internet sites.

How do you estimate the authority of a domain?

In order to catalog the authority of any internet site, the following indicators are used:

  • – Age of the domain
  • – Number of links or external backlinks (Inbound Links)
  • – Number of Dofollow and Nofollow links
  • – Quality and authority of these links
  • – Types of reference domains (GOV, EDU, COM, NET, ORG, etc.)
  • – Number of link reference domains
  • – Number of IP addresses of links and reference subnets

Services to know the authority of an internet domain

There are three main Internet services that catalog the authority of any domain.In addition to providing other services, they allow checking the authority of any website that uses a domain name of its own.We can use them to check the authority of ours, another site that interests us or we want to know how it is valued.

Moz Domain Authority

The best known of the values to establish the authority of the sites by analyzing the links from other internet sites and the importance of each is the DA (domain authority) of Moz.Moz formerly called DMoz is a very prestigious internet analytical web service.It has its own robot that scans the sites in search of information to know the main metrics.It is a paid service, but with a limited free option that offers the elemental information of any site.

Visit this tool to check: Bulk domain authority 

It is the Open Site Explorer tool.

The following capture shows an example of what indicates Open Site Explorer on the domain of this website.Moz also provides a metric to know the importance of any website called the “mozRank”.

Domain Rank of Ahrefs

The popular SEO analytics service Ahrefs uses its own ranking that is established by analyzing the number of backlinks of a site and its popularity.

By using the Site Explorer tool you can analyze any domain and get your Ahrefs Domain Rank.

  • It is a number between 1 and 100.
  • ✓ A rank from 1 to 30 indicates a domain that is not popular.
  • ✓ A rank between 31 and 70 is the average.
  • ✓ A Rank above 71 indicates a very popular domain.

Similarly, the service uses URL Rank for any web page independently.The Ahrefs service is payable, but the analysis of the rank of any domain can be done using the free option.The free report also includes several useful metrics, such as the number of backlinks, the type of referral domains.Also, graphs that help to understand the evolution of the domain in the course of a year and a map with the geographical distribution of the domains that link.

Trust Flow by Majestic

The third tool we recommend is Majestic Site ExplorerScans any domain or URL and returns two metrics to the Trust Flow and Citation Flow.Trust Flow is one of Majestic’s Flow Metrics and indicates the number of clicks from a set of trusted sites to access a particular URL or domain.Citation Flow indicates the number of mentions made from a given URL or domain.if you want to check your domain or more than one domain cation Flow And Trust flow check out this cf tf checker in bulk

5 Alternative Messaging Apps to WhatsApp

Among instant messaging services, Whatsapp leads the market in comfort, but beyond the application, now purchased by Facebook, there are other useful tools to communicate for free with other smartphone users. Here we leave 5 possibilities:


This App allows you to connect via calls or messages to people around the world for free over Wi-Fi or 3G networks. With more than 400 million users, simply log into the contact list to know who your acquaintances have installed and thus save a communication. In addition, the developer launched the Viber Out mode that gives the possibility of making calls to mobile phones that do not have the Viber installed but paying a subscription.

App Store

Play Store

Whindows Phone



With just one year on the market, this application quickly positioned itself as a potential Whatsapp competitor for its security and speed. Among the general features, Telegram lets you share videos up to 1 GB in size and forward files instantly. In addition, it gives the possibility to access the conversations from any device, since everything is uploaded to the cloud, or to start secret Chats with an encryption to make sure that the message that you send is only read by the recipient, in this case Messages are not stored anywhere and can even be programmed to can also check this out

App Store

Play Store

Whindows Phone





This App was installed in the market with a strong advertising bet. In addition to the ability to send messages for free, Line was characterized by being one of the first tools to offer an efficient service of voice calls. In addition also incorporated the possibility to put video to those communications. Like all other applications of this type, the phone number is the way to log in, but it is not exclusive to smartphones, but can also be installed on desktops.

App Store

Play Store

Whindows Phone



This product developed by BitTorrent, one of the most recognized file sharing companies among users, offers to send messages safely between the partners. While this App is still in development stage, it proposes to encrypt each text to avoid leaks of information. Unlike the others, Bleep does not store information in the cloud, but goes directly to the receiver.

For now you can only use the trial version on Android, Windows and Mac, while from the company confirmed that they are already working on the application for iOS. It is estimated that in a short time the official tool for all servers will be on the market and all errors will be solved.

Play Store



Like the rest of the App, Wechat offers individual and group communication with text, audio, images and videos. Perhaps one of its main features is the possibility of making video calls in HD, have a secure record and do not have advertising.

App Store

Play Store

Windows Phone

Microsoft introduced the anniversary version of Windows 10

Windows 10 is now available on 350 million computers, and a year after its release, Microsoft announced the anniversary upgrade, which will be available to all users. This free download incorporates improvements and new features to the new operating system.

Microsoft introduced the anniversary version of Windows 10

Windows 10 is now available on 350 million computers, and a year after its release, Microsoft announced the anniversary upgrade, which will be available to all users. This free download incorporates improvements and new features to the new operating system.

The Windows 10 anniversary upgrade is not only limited to personal computers, but also covers other devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and the Xbox One video game console.

“These improvements are part of the Windows as a service mode, with the goal of having a multi-device operating system that offers a unified experience regardless of the equipment the user uses,” said Gabriel Gordon, director of Windows for Argentina and Uruguay.

-The news-

Several of the features had already been advanced by Microsoft in its developer conference in April, such as viewing notifications of smartphones (requires the use of Cortana, its digital assistant).

Apple devices already allow the synchronization of some notifications (and the use of applications like Notifyr), and you can also use Pushbullet for Android combined with Chrome; But here it will have support from Windows 10 and will be integrated to the general notifications of this system.

Some of the most visible improvements will be in the changes that the Start menu had. “Now you can see all the applications when you deploy the menu, and at the top are the most used applications or the latest ones. The experience of using tablet mode has also been improved, and the activity center and notifications now have A silent way, “Gordon added.

Another enhancement of the anniversary upgrade is in stylus handwriting and in its interaction with OneNote or PowerPoint. And is that Windows 10 has an automatic recognition of drawings or geometric figures made freehand.


The anniversary update adds new features to Windows Hello, the operating system authentication system, which now extends the use of biometric validation (either by Real Sense cameras or by fingerprint readers) to Windows 10 applications and To the Edge browser. You can also take advantage of the sensors of a smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile to be able to quickly and easily unlock a PC.

On the other hand, it adds improvements in the anti-malware security service Windows Defender, with automatic programmable scans.


Microsoft’s digital assistant extends its presence to the PC, and with this update it can work even when Windows 10 is locked. Under this mode you can answer queries, play a song or add a reminder.

-Microsoft Edge-

The Microsoft web browser, successor to the historic Internet Explorer, will be optimized to have a smaller impact on battery autonomy. In turn, it will offer the possibility of having extensions, a feature already known by users of Google Chrome, with the possibility of having integrated the functions of Pinterest, Amazon, AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and LastPass.

-Xbox One-

The anniversary update will allow users to use Xbox Play Anywhere, the mode that allows you to buy and enjoy a game regardless of whether it is for PC or Xbox One. This mode keeps in common the games, advances and all its features, No matter where it is being used.

Cortana’s voice commands can also be used when using an Xbox One console.

This Would be the iPhone 8 if We Rely on the Latest Leaks

The iPhone 8, which will not be presented until next September, is still giving a lot to talk about and is that a filtration coming, not from China, has allowed us to see the supposed design that will have the new mobile device Apple. In the image that heads this article you can enjoy it, although we must say that it is no more than a simple render created from various schemes that would come from one of Foxconn factories.

This new filtration has allowed us to see the possible design of the iPhone 8, which is quite different from everything we had seen so far, and surprising by the huge front screen that also occupies the entire front.

And is that to become a reality this design we would find an iPhone with hardly any front frames and with the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen, something that has not yet dared any manufacturer so far.

If we look closely this image, the doubts will start to invade us, and is that for example we can not find the frontal camera anywhere, which we are convinced Apple will not do without. In addition, the strange position of the rear camera draws a lot of attention, which however much we do not want leads us to doubt the veracity of this leak.

Whatever it is, the first details about the design of the iPhone 8 are starting to come to light. Surely in the coming weeks and months we will begin to know more exact details, but the image that we can see today allows us to approach Know how the next iPhone in Cupertino is sure to be already in an advanced state of development.